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Xtreme Outdoor set

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Unprecedented quality

In order to reach the ultimate comfort, we only use the best materials. Our aluminium frames and leather upholstery are of the highest quality and need little maintenance.


Timeless design

The Xtreme Outdoor set is an interaction of materials. It forms the apotheosis of the design of your garden, terrace or balcony. The ambitious designs have been produced with the most beautiful materials.


Firm and durable

This set can stand up to a little rough and needs little maintenance. By washing it with water once or twice a year, this set will last for at least ten years.

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Optimal enjoyment

This BMS Outdoor sets provide optimal comfort in any place. Try it and you will never want anything else again. This is pure enjoyment.

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At this moment we cannot provide you with price information. As soon as the prices are known, they will be placed here. Would you like to stay informed? Send us an email and we will keep you up to date!

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